Only for You

This gentle romantic drama is a fairly lifeless love story about a relationship that never quite happens. This is an indie production written and directed by Donna Persico and while the story is satisfyingly realistic and there are some decent character observations it is very slow and uneventful stuff.

Only for You

Dana is a young divorced actress who meets Jack when they act in a local theatre production together. Jack is already involved but they have a fling anyway and then he announces he is marrying his girlfriend. It seems that´s the end of their relationship except that they both still have feelings for each other which they only confess to their friends. The truth eventually comes out but the complexity of life gets in the way and Dana leaves to pursue her acting career in Los Angeles.

The film is told through a series of flashbacks and for the most part the cast are convincing in their roles. Shea Curry plays Dana and Michael Buie plays Jack, they were both competent performances but not very memorable. The supporting cast of family and friends are a mixed bag and there´s definitely some ropy acting going on at times.

The story is told well enough but perhaps the problem is that it isn´t a very interesting story. There isn´t much in the way of genuine emotional tension despite the muddled situation and there isn´t much reason to sympathise with the principle characters.

The choice of musical accompaniment is unfortunate and certain scenes became laboured and corny because of it. Ultimately the film didn´t have a great deal of depth, it failed to really explore the emotional turmoil of being in the wrong relationship or falling in love with a friend, instead maintaining a light weight upbeat feel throughout. Coming in at a tight 82 minutes it still felt longer than it needed to be and if you needed a one word sum up that word would have to be dull.

Reviewed by Simon Hill

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