My Lucky Stars

My Lucky Stars is the sequel to "Winners and Sinners" and was followed by several films featuring the same basic cast. The film was directed by Sammo Hung, allegedly stars Jackie Chan and much of the action was choreographed by Yuen Biao, but it is not the best showcase of their talents.

Jackie stars as Muscles, an undercover cop. In the first five minutes were are treated to some wonderful martial arts and incredible acrobatics as Muscles and his partner Ricky (Yuen Biao) chase members of an evil gang into a funfair. However, they split up and Ricky is taken captive. Muscles contacts his superiors for backup but the gang knows the identity of the all of the other agents, so Muscles asks that his childhood buddies (the lucky stars) be assembled to help him find Ricky. Now it all gets very silly.

The Lucky Stars

While Muscles and Ricky joined the Police, the other lucky stars are happier on the other side of the law. Kidstuff (Sammo Hung) is due to be released from prison, so the government set him up for a further crime and then offer him a pardon if he rounds up the lucky stars. Kidstuff finds Sandy (Richard Ng), Roundhead (Eric Tsang), Herb (Charlie Chin) and Rawhide (Shui-Fan Fung) and the stage is set for some truly cheesy comedy. Barabara Woo (Sibelle Hu) is assigned to handle the lucky stars, and is the source of much of the alleged comedy. They all lust after her, and stage a series of burglaries so that they can be tied up with her for a few minutes - with "hilarious" results.

Unfortunately, the slapstick nonsense and infantile jokes form the majority of the film. Sammo displays only a few seconds of his legendary skills here and there before taking the back stage again. In fact, it is not until the last fifteen minutes that we rejoin Muscles as he chases the baddies through a funhouse while wearing a very silly costume. Sibelle Hu has a brief but cool fight with Michko Nishiwaki (a Japanese power-lifting and bodybuilding champion) and Dick Wei (of Five Venoms and Project A) also turns up for a little battle. The real disappointment was that the long awaited fight with the excellent Lam Ching-Ying (who played the head baddie) was really short.

Generally, any film featuring Jackie, Yuen and Sammo is guaranteed to be great fun, but unfortunately Jackie and Yuen really only make cameo appearances and the majority of the film centres around the "hilarious" antics of the lucky stars. Sammo is always present, but he seems to take a backseat to the other actors, which is a real shame as he can be very funny. The action is worth the wait, but there is nowhere near enough of it. Yuen and Lam were nominated for "best action design" at the 5th Annual Hong Kong Film, and they could have won the award if the film had been more balanced. Overall, I would advise you to watch the first and last fifteen minutes - the rest you can probably live without.

Reviewed by Jenny Hill

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