Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is the latest film from the makers of Shaun of the Dead. Billed as an action comedy with the tagline "Big Cops. Small Town. Moderate Violence." Hot Fuzz is jam-packed with the cream of British comedy talent. Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are on top form once again and the result is an excellent and thoroughly entertaining comedy romp.

Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz opens with main character Sergeant Nicholas Angel in London but his superiors are shamed by his overly effective policing and decide to send him out of harm´s way to a small village called Sandford. Angel teams up with local bobbie Danny Butterfield, son of the top cop Inspector Frank Butterfield, and a bit of a bumbling fool. Initially the village seems welcoming and extremely quiet but within a few days of his arrival Angel becomes suspicious about a number of deaths which have been written off as accidents. He investigates further and uncovers a conspiracy at work in the village, a conspiracy which must be stopped. Since there´s no-one else sorting it out Angel takes Danny under his wing and the two battle to solve the mystery and return peace to the village.

Simon Pegg stars as Angel and reforms his Spaced and Shaun of the Dead double-act with Nick Frost who plays Danny. The two are charismatic and funny throughout the film and they have some incredible supporting actors such as Jim Broadbent as the Inspector and Timothy Dalton as Simon Skinner not to mention the raft of notable cameos from the likes of Bill Bailey, Steve Coogan, Adam Buxton, Bill Nighy and Martin Freeman. Dalton is especially hammy as the dastardly Skinner and Adam Buxton was good as the roving reporter. The only shame was that some of them didn´t have bigger parts.

Bad Boys in Hot Fuzz

The film was written by Pegg and Edgar Wright who also directs, the two have a well-formed partnership by now and they work brilliantly well together to make this a really entertaining movie. There are several laugh out loud scenes and some excellent action sequences as well. Hot Fuzz is clearly a parody of big Hollywood productions such as Bad Boys bringing spectacular gun fights and car chases to rural England with hilarious effect.

The buddy partner relationship between Angel and Danny is nicely developed and the two have a natural rapport and great comedy timing with each other. The visual effects are also really nicely done here, in particular the demise of the intrepid reporter as a falling piece of masonry from the church roof pulps his head. There are twists and revelations aplenty in the 121 minute running time and the action builds to a fantastic village shoot-out and chase scene.

Hot Fuzz is a mixture of parody and homage to buddy cop movies. The action and comedy are equally well done and the film is packed with an array of gags which range from daft to inspired. Pegg and Wright are at the top of their game and this is the best comedy film to hit cinemas since their last effort.

Reviewed by Simon Hill

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