Heroic Trio

Heroic Trio (or "Dung fong saam hap" if you speak Cantonese) is a manga style martial arts epic staring three of Hong Kong´s most illustrious women (Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung,and Anita Mui).

Michelle Yeoh plays Ching, a highly skilled martial artist whose alter ego is the "Invisible Woman" (Not the one you are thinking about- she has a robe that makes her invisible). Ching´s Master (an evil eunuch with mystical powers) has instructed her to guard the scientist who is developing the invisible cloak, and kill him when he is finished.

Maggie Cheung is Chat, also known as "Thief Catcher". She is a mercenary and "bad girl" with a thing about leather, and explosives. Anita Mui is Tung, the wife of a police inspector whose secret identity is "Wonder Woman"(no not that wonder woman). She is a crime fighter who regularly helps out the local police, but her husband has no idea that she has a secret life.

When our story begins, Ching is using the invisible robe to steal babies from the hospital for her master. All of the babies are in line to the throne of China, and he plans to use them to seize control of the country (He keeps the children tied to posts, and feeds them human meat - not a nice man).

The police have no idea who is stealing the babies, and are really freaked out when an invisible intruder tells the police chief that his son is next. Wonder woman tries to save the child, but the thief escapes. The Thief taker is hired by the Police Chief to get his son back, and she has figured out who is behind the kidnapping.

She decides to kidnap the next baby herself to draw the real kidnapper out. Wonder woman arrives at the scene, and there is a great fight between the three women. But during the fight, the baby is badly wounded and the Invisible Woman gets away. The baby dies, and Thief taker, struck by guilt, decides to turn over a new leaf. She and wonder woman join forces to get go after the Evil Master.

Of course, as the title suggests, the invisible woman is not as bad as she might seem. During the course of the film, we learn that she has fallen in love with the scientist who developed the cloak, and that his discovery is killing him. We also find out that the invisible woman was a close friend of both the Thief Catcher and Wonder Woman when she was younger, and soon the Master finds himself facing the heroic trio.

I love this film for many reasons. Heroic Trio is a superhero extravaganza in the Hong Kong style. The fight scenes are incredibly enjoyable, with Maggie Cheung showing why she is one of the most respected artists. The stunts are amazing, and everything from babies to motorcycles ends up floating on a wire. The characters are great, and the back stories are well worked and intertwine the lead women nicely. The Master is suitably evil, and the cannibal kids quite disturbing. The music is all provided by Anita Mui, and is great fun. If you like martial arts or superheroes, watch this film, I promise it will be worth it.

Reviewed by Jenny Hill

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