Five Moments of Infidelity

This drama focuses on the relationships of five couples from various backgrounds in Melbourne as they attempt to deal with sexual indiscretions in completely different ways. It is the work of first time writer/director Kate Gorman and seeks to strike a realistic tone exploring the emotional pitfalls of cheating on your partner or discovering they have been unfaithful to you.

Five Moments of Infidelity

Each of the couples are facing different problems with their relationships, there's a guy who claims to be addicted to having affairs, a gay couple with an open relationship, an alcoholic mother with a guilty secret and a horny teenage daughter and a few others besides. They all have their own rules for fidelity but there isn't much honesty on display and they are a pretty unsympathetic bunch, I struggled to relate with any of them much less care about how their affairs would work out.

The lives of these people all overlap via work or social situations but there are so many of them that none of the individual stories really get the time they need to develop and things feel a bit disjointed. For the most part the scenarios don't feel very authentic, the dialogue is functional but lacks a realistic touch and the characters lack depth.

The acting is very average and dips to poor in places which can detract from your suspension of disbelief. The cast have mostly come from television and the production values and direction exacerbate the made for television feel of the film. In terms of the cheap and cheesy mood there is no doubt that the invasive musical score is the main culprit and there are parts of the soundtrack that would have been more at home in a soft-porn film.

It's rare to see a film that tries to deal with these kind of issues but if you are going to try then I think some insight is needed and believable characters that you can relate to are a must. For me this production just felt a bit pointless. It builds to a contrived dramatic ending which seeks to tie all the loose ends together but by the time it got there I was thoroughly bored.

Reviewed by Simon Hill

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