Film Quiz 2

1) How many James Bond films have been made?
a) 21
b) 36
c) 10
d) 42

2) Who is the oldest person to have won an oscar for their acting at the age of 81?
a) Jessica Tandy
b) George Burns
c) John Gielgud
d) Don Ameche

3) Who played the Scarecrow in Batman begins?
a) Christian Bale
b) Christopher Nolan
c) Christopher Eccelston
d) Cilian Murphy

4) What was the name of the character played by Max von Sydow in the classic horror flick The Exorcist ?
a) Father Merrin
b) Father Dyer
c) Father Karras
d) Father Jack

5) Which of the following directors turned down The Truman Show?
a) Alfred Hitchcock
b) Steven Spielberg
c) David Kronenberg
d) Peter Weir

6) How big was the budget for famous Japanese animation Akira?
a) $100,000,000
b) $10,000,000
c) $1,000,000
d) $100,000

7) How much weight did Robert De Niro gain for the film Raging Bull?
a) 80 Pounds
b) 40 Pounds
c) 100 Pounds
d) 60 Pounds

8) How many Oscars did Spartacus win?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

9) Which of the following actors credits include National Treasure, Little Nicky and Mean Streets?
a) Adam Sandler
b) Nicholas Cage
c) Harvey Keitel
d) Jon Voight

10) Which of the following actors has played the ghost of Elvis, Jim Morrison and Moses?
a) Jim Carrey
b) Gary Oldman
c) Val Kilmer
d) Kurt Russell

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