Film Quiz

1) How many Rocky films were there in total?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

2) What was the name of the Ewok´s home planet in return of the Jedi?
a) Endor
b) Andor
c) Tattooine
d) Hoth

3) What game is featured in the film Rounders?
a) pool
b) poker
c) monopoly
d) chess

4) What was the name of the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey?
a) HAL 9000
b) HAL-900
c) HAL6000
d) HAL-600

5) Which country is the film City of God set in?
a) Argentina
b) Ecuador
c) Brazil
d) Chile

6) What is the name of Indiana Jones´ father?
a) Indiana
b) Humphrey
c) Sean
d) Henry

7) What is Gandalf´s horse called?
a) Nancy
b) Pellegrin
c) Darkstar
d) Shadowfax

8) What relation is the shark in Jaws 2 supposed to be to the shark in the original film?
a) father
b) mother
c) brother
d) sister

9) What is the Pink Panther in the Inspector Clueso movies starring Peter Sellars?
a) diamond
b) cat
c) vase
d) car

10) In which film did Kelsey Grammer play a submarine captain?
a) Up Periscope
b) Deep Blue Sea
c) Oceans Away
d) Down Periscope

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