Fahrenheit 9/11

Fahrenheit 9/11 is the latest documentary from Michael Moore. This is a direct and truthful portrait of how Bush and his cronies hijacked the grief caused by the events of September the 11th in order to fulfil their own moneymaking agenda. The film features many interviews and footage of the events that occurred and offers a wealth of evidence to support the argument that the Bush family are corrupt war profiteers who have used the presidency to line both their own pockets and those of their friends.

We kick off with the election which saw Bush claim power despite gaining fewer votes than his opponent. A network of family connections including his cousin at the FOX TV network and his brother as Governor of Florida ensured that George was Whitehouse bound with or without a majority. So much for democracy.

Moore charts Bush in office, pointing out his dwindling approval rating and love of a good holiday (off work 42% of the time), despite earning a $400,000 salary. He shows the reaction of Bush to the terrorist attacks, or rather the lack of a reaction and while thousands of ordinary people were grounded as the airports closed, 24 members of the Bin Laden family were flown out of the US with Whitehouse approval. None of them were even interviewed.

It is clear that Moore has an agenda here but even if you dislike his bias how can you ignore the plain facts? Moore has cleverly pointed out the failures of Bush extend beyond human rights concerns and war mongering he is also uninterested in protecting the American people, he is uninterested in capturing Osama Bin Laden, he is uninterested in anything which doesn´t offer a chance to make more money.

The opportunity presented by the trade centre attack was seized vigorously by Bush and his band of corrupt business goons, after a token attack on beleaguered Afghanistan, which resulted in a hugely profitable oil pipeline deal involving companies which he or members of his administration have interests in, he went for Saddam, the man who "tried to kill my daddy".

The war machine was set in motion and the innocent people of Iraq, who pose no threat to the United States and who had no involvement whatsoever in the terrorist attacks, paid the price with their homes and lives. Bush was also able to enact the Patriot attack which more or less gives security forces the right to arrest anyone who may pose a threat to the state (this would include people like Michael Moore).

While Americans were sent to kill innocent people, and many died in the process, Bush proclaimed the whole thing a great success and set about ensuring that the same companies which benefited in Afghanistan would get their slice of the pie in Iraq. This is all fact and Moore does a good job of proving it, you would have to be naive, uneducated or just plain evil to believe that Bush is doing anything good for the world or even anything which will benefit the ordinary American people.

George W Bush is very easy to satirise, he is a rich kid who proved a business failure but he knew the right people and apparently knowing the right people is enough, enough even to get you into the Whitehouse. This is perhaps most disturbing of all, the brazen way Bush and Rumsfeld and all the other twisted murderers and thieves are so open about their actions, they have become so fat and comfortable that they make it plain for all to see that they don´t really care if some people have to die in order for them to make more money. They live outside of the reality that the rest of us share but they have a huge negative impact upon it.

The film is well made and cleverly edited; I especially liked the contrast between the grief stricken people and bloody corpses of Iraq and the vacuous Britney Spears offering her support for the president and his actions. We are given glimpses into the Bush administration and shown footage of George off-guard which is downright damning and at the very least it is clear that he is callous and off-hand about the suffering of the people he condemns by waging war.

Whatever you may think of Michael Moore his work is very important and although he narrates throughout he also lets much come across through the mouths of ordinary Americans and those involved in government. He does have a clear bias against Bush but he has lots of good reasons for this and I have yet to hear any convincing counter-arguments against what Moore is saying. He provides a lot of unanswered questions which taken together should be enough to remove Bush from office but he is clearly unaccountable and unashamed; the rich parasites are dug very deeply into American power and they aren´t going to give it up.

Fahrenheit 9/11 can only be a good thing as Moore strives to educate the masses and give them an idea of why things have really happened, why Bush has acted the way he has. Everyone should watch this film especially supporters of Bush or the war in Iraq if only to see the suffering they have caused. We can all hope it might change their minds about a few things but I won´t be holding my breath as it seems greed is a mighty God and those who worship him have a frightening amount of military power and a pathological disregard for the sanctity of human life.

Reviewed by Simon Hill

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