Director Quiz

1) Which director died while beginning work on Artificial Intelligence allowing Stephen Spielberg to step in and ruin things?
a) Orson Welles
b) Alfred Hitchcock
c) George Lucas
d) Stanley Kubrick

2) Who directed the recent Batman revival Batman Begins?
a) Francis Lawrence
b) Tim Burton
c) Christopher Nolan
d) Tim Story

3) Which of the following directors has directed the most films?
a) Ridley Scott
b) Stanley Kubrick
c) Alfred Hitchcock
d) Peter Jackson

4) Who directed the best film of the Star Wars trilogy - The Empire Strikes Back?
a) Irvin Kershner
b) George Lucas
c) Stephen Spielberg
d) Clint Eastwood

5) Who directed the Exorcist?
a) Wes Craven
b) William Friedkin
c) John Carpenter
d) Stanley Kunrick

6) Who directed the recent Incredible Hulk film?
a) Sam Raimi
b) Paul Verhoeven
c) Ang lee
d) Darren Aronofsky

7) Which famous horror director started his career with Last House on the Left?
a) Clive Barker
b) John Carpenter
c) Sam Raimi
d) Wes Craven

8) Who directed Requiem for a Dream, Pi and Protozoa?
a) James Wan
b) Darren Aronofsky
c) David Twohy
d) Joel Schumacher

9) Who directed Gardens of Stone and Peggy Sue Got Married in the eighties?
a) Martin Scorcese
b) Roman Polanski
c) Francis Ford Coppola
d) Ang Lee

10) Which actor has directed the most films?
a) Clint Eastwood
b) Sylvester Stallone
c) Arnold Schwarznegger
d) Anthony Hopkins

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