Cowboy Killer

Another ambitious low budget flick from Cacchiotti Productions, this time around it´s a horror comedy about a psycho cowboy named Roy who embarks on a murder rampage.

Cowboy Killer

We open with a young girl waiting for her boyfriend to take her to the homecoming dance. He´s late and she´s sick of waiting so when Roy pulls up in his white pick-up truck and offers her a lift she doesn´t stop to ask why a fifty year old cowboy is going to a high school dance. Once in the truck Roy is quick to kill her and her boyfriend and his mates are next. The inept cops start investigating as Roy continues to drive around randomly murdering everyone he meets.

There are a lot of different characters, a couple of corny cable guys, the bumbling cops, a serial killer, a stripper and many more. The film plays out like a series of separate murder scenes with the set-up and then the pay-off but it all feels very disjointed. As Roy wades through the carnage we often cut to imaginary sequences which reveal what is going on in his warped mind.

The acting is amateurish and the characters are all pretty two dimensional. Paul Bailey is probably the most convincing of the bunch as Roy the cowboy and he lends a small measure of credibility to the film. Most of the rest of the cast are hamming it up outrageously.

The film is played for laughs but the corny repeat gags let it down and the attempted anarchic almost slapstick tone misfires quite often. There is some blood splatter and a little gore but it is cheap and ineffective. There´s also a bit of nudity from a series of terrible actresses.

The script could definitely use more work, I lost count of the number of times Roy repeats his catchphrase "You´re in for a damn treat" and sadly it certainly doesn´t apply to this film.

There are a lot of releases in the slasher horror comedy slot and so you have to work quite hard to stand out from the crowd. Cowboy Killer is unlikely to impress genre fans, the horror element is entirely missing, the gore is infrequent and poorly done, the comedy misfires, the characters aren´t engaging and the killer is just a random nutcase with no motivation for his murder spree.

Reviewed by Simon Hill

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