Relentless - Bill Hicks

The great Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks is the greatest stand up comedian who ever lived. Unfortunately he died in 1994, but not before causing plenty of irritation for the evil people in modern society. His comedy was very adult, it could be shocking at times and sick at others, but it was always funny. What really set Hicks apart was his ability to reduce the world situation down to a few simple statements, to show us how ridiculous it is that advertising men rule the world and politicians regularly go down on Satan.

Relentless is Bill´s second stand up recording, originally released in 1992, Bill paid for the entire production himself. It includes some of his best routines and classic lines like "If I can speak for every guy here.... guys if you could blow yourselves, ladies, you´d be here alone tonight staring at an empty stage". Hicks could veer from jokes like that into an attack on the world of advertising or right wing morons like rubber faced goon, George Bush.

Hicks was principled and he stuck to his guns in the face of severe opposition. His many tv appearances were often hindered by demands that he not do certain political jokes, or not say certain things (by hight). In particular he liked to poke fun at religion and was attacked for it. His routine about American fundamentalists was a true classic. I think because of the subject matter and the fact he did not pull his punches Hicks never got the fame he deserves. He remains a cult hero, an inspirational figure for anyone who feels the system is wrong and needs overhauled.

I would urge anyone to seek out his work and defy you to disagree with his interpretation of the world. His comedy style has been ripped off by many but no-one can do justice to it. He attacked ignorance and bigotry, he pointed some uncomfortable truths and he made alot of people laugh.

Relentless also includes one of his best all time routines. Why do we never see good stories about drugs in the paper? I took drugs the other day and had a really good time, didn´t rob anyone, didn´t rape anyone, didn´t jump off a building. The newspaper story is always about this guy who thought he could fly and jumped off a building, well if he thought he could fly why didn´t he try to take off from the ground?

If you haven´t discovered Hicks yet then seriously go and buy any of his works, you will not be disappointed. If you are already fan then check out for a variety of downloadable Hicks stuff.

Reviewed by Simon Hill

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