Bill Hicks Live

The great Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks was the greatest stand-up comedian ever. His unforgettable live sets included material which was satirical, critical of both society and government, and yet still very funny. Despite the politics and the seriousness of his message he was also highly skilled at telling "dick jokes". This explosive mixture makes for stand-up heaven.

Bill died tragically in 1994 after a successful career which seemed poised to really take off, he left behind him a wealth of fantastic material and now finally someone has seen fit to group together some of the cream and offer this Bill Hicks Live DVD.

For fans of Bill or those sitting there wondering who he was this DVD is long overdue and should provide you with hours of pleasure. It is remarkable how relevant his material is to the current world situation, Bush senior could easily be replaced with Bush junior and the gist of what he is saying still applies, the world badly needs someone like Bill right now.

Featured on the DVD are three of his finest filmed performances - One Night Stand, Relentless and Revelations. As if those three hours aren´t enough they´ve also thrown in the 45 minute documentary Just A Ride. This makes the DVD well worth investing in and frankly no home should be without one. One Night Stand is a half hour set filmed at the Old Vic Theatre, Relentless is Bill´s "breakout" performance from the Montreal Comedy Festival lasting 70 minutes and Revelations was filmed in the Dominion Theatre in London and is 75 minutes of the best comedy you will ever see.

Bill was more than just a great comic, he was a modern day prophet fighting the evils of the world, he wouldn´t avoid controversial topics just for fear of offending people and he wouldn´t compromise his views just to get himself on television like so many other sell outs (by chris hight). A sharp wit, a devastating delivery and perfect comic timing mixed with some of the finest comedy writing ever made Bill the king of stand-up and the fact he was honest about the world as he saw it and ultimately right made him an inspiration to decent people everywhere.

Buy this DVD and spread the word of Hicks and you will become a better person for it.

Reviewed by Simon Hill

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